Books Make the Best Gifts

 My mom and I have a bit of an obsession with coffee table books.  With all of the gorgeous books available, it is like inexpensive artwork for a room and when you get tired of the cover, they look great on a bookshelf.  Plus, I love having a variety of books because of how much they can inspire you.  I pull out various books year round when I need a little creative inspiration or just a pick me up!  Also, if I am giving a book, I like to write a little note on the inside cover so people can remember what year they received it.  I always write on the inside cover the date and who gave a book to me, which adds an extra element of fun when you pull a really old one off the shelf to flip through.  Ok, so I rounded up my favorites below, which I think are perfect for your child's teacher, to your hair stylist, to your best friend....there is something for everyone on the book collage below!

1.  How awesome is this for little girls?  I think it is fun to learn the art if the #ootd. 2.  Caroline and I picked up this cookbook in London and I found it online for you.  It is the perfect gift for ages 8 to 98!  3.  This book about Coco Chanel teaches girls the lesson of going after your dream.  4.  This book is not only beautiful, but makes it fun to learn about the USA....PLUS, it is 25% off!!  5.  I was drawn to this one and ordered it for Matthew because this is where we spent our honeymoon 13 years ago.  6.  I don't know many men that don't love talking watches, so this one is a perfect stocking stuffer at 25% off.  7.  With a title like this, I think you can take this as a hostess gift or to your neighbor and it will be a hit.  8.  Matthew would love this book, so I included this in the collage.  Hmmm, I think I'll order this one too!  9.  Along with watches, cars are right on up there for the guys, so might want to order this one as an extra little gift.  Don't forget to put the date in it! :). 10.  Oscar de la Renta is the perfect coffee table book, not only is it a gorgeous book, but talk about inspiration.  I have this book...and love every page!  11.  My mom gave this one to me a few years ago and the cover makes me happy every time I pull it out.  12.  Same thing for this one, dated 2016 by my mom, this one is sure to inspire too.  13.  I bought this one for a good friend last year after laughing so hard with Matthew while reading it at my parents house.  14.  Here is another beautiful coffee table book full of inspiring photos.  15.  Oh, this is one I don't have, but it is on my wish list!  16.  This is my favorite addition to my book collection.  I bought it in the fall, but good news for all of you....I linked this one from an online discount retailer where it is half price!!  17.  Lastly, "The Year of Cozy" seems like a great way to go into 2018 and what a perfect book for anyone on your list.  I think Caroline's teacher would love this one!  That is all girls.  Click on the links below.  I tried to find all of these books discounted for you.  Happy shopping and good luck finishing up everyone on your list!  XOXO

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