Classic Lilly Pullitzer

I have always loved Lilly Pulitzer!  Who doesn't like a designer who has a famous quote, "Being happy never goes out of style!"  If I could describe my style in one way, it would be Palm beach chic.  I love everything about resort wear and it is hard to think resort wear without thinking Lilly Pulitzer.  I would hate to know the number of Lilly Pulitzer shift dresses in this house!  Not as much for me, even though I do love Lilly, but for the girls.  With a five year age difference between my girls, sometimes it is hard to find matching dresses not too old for Sarah and not too young for Caroline, but Lilly dresses are always perfect!  Plus, I just think Lilly clothes are happy clothes!

Matthew had to work late last night, so the girls and I had a girls night out.  I asked where they wanted to go and they love Wednesday night pasta night at the Country Club.  We had so much fun!  We took the golf cart and sang songs on the way.  (Caroline is loving Taylor Swift's "Welcome to New York"). The girls love taking purses everywhere and I found the ones they took last night at Zara last year, but how precious are these.  I looked in their little purses and Sarah had legos and Caroline had lip gloss.  I asked Caroline to put the golf cart keys in her purse and she said she felt, "so responsible!"  Tonight was a last minute night out, but we got ready in about 5 minutes with these cute Lilly dresses.  I love gold shoes and Jack Rogers are a perfect addition to a Palm beach chic look.  As for Sarah's shoes, I love putting her in these because they look classic, but mainly because they are easy for her to play in!  Hope you had as much fun on Wednesday night as we did!  Have a fabulous Thursday!  XOXO