Design Files: A Simple Office Redo

     When we were in Australia, Caroline and I brainstormed wanting to get Matthew a really special Christmas gift.  Caroline and I thought through all of the obvious gifts and then it came to us....

he's at work so much, we could redo his office to make it feel cozy and special everyday!  This would be a perfect surprise!  I let Caroline do most of the planning and told her I would execute the plan.  SO, the Friday before Christmas we showed up at Matthew's office with a car full of fun new things to overhaul his work space.  I had not decorated his office since we got engaged (15 years ago)!  It was so much fun and he is still is coming home telling us how much he loves it!  This made for a fabulous Christmas surprise, but how much fun would it be to do this for your hubby as a winter surprise?!  This could be a perfect Valentine surprise too!  Take a look at the pictures below and see how we pulled this together on a budget.  (Keep in mind, I can't change the wall color or carpet and could only change so much, but we love how we made it feel more personal)!!  Ok, so take a look at the first few pics to see what we were working with.....

(Caroline made this pencil holder for Matthew in second grade)
(Some of our favorite family pictures from our travels)
(Matthew's favorite snack is gummy bears, so Caroline filled a jar for his desk)
(Such a cute sign and will be fun for the girls to change the message whenever we visit.  Not sure he will let them change this one though!  Caroline had given him this signed picture a few years ago.)

You can shop these budget friendly spruce up items below...

Exact wall frame I used for the gallery wall and only $20.00.  Looks exactly like the ones I originally picked out that were $68.00 each!  Also, I order all my photos from  I love the professional quality of the prints from this website and they always run sales if you sign up for their e-mails.  Have a great day!  XOXO

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