Fluffy Fresh Start

      I love January for lots of reasons....cold weather is NOT one of the reasons, but there are lots of other ways to love these cold, short days.  For starters, I adore the daily routine of being a mom!  I enjoy having time to sit down and enjoy doing homework with Caroline or having the time to be first in carpool line, or go to Wholefoods and let Sarah pick out flowers for her room, all of which can be way too hard during busier months.  For many years, I thought I had seasonal affective disorder because I am such a sunshine girl, but now I really try to make a point to appreciate small things while I have the time.  A new year symbolizes a fresh start in lots of different ways!!

     One of my top favorite reasons (other than the simplicity of the month) for loving January is "spring cleaning."  I don't wait to clean out the house when it is gorgeous outside, so I do it now! After the holiday season, all I want is a freshly cleaned out house!  Anyone agree?!!  I clean out like a crazy person, so much so..... I threw out all of our bath and hand towels!  Matthew and I read lots of reviews on new ones so we could get some we don't have to replace for a while and we found these!  They are beyond fluffy and shocked us because they definitely don't come from a high end linen store or department store.  I have to say, this post is not sponsored, I only wanted to share since I love these fresh new towels that much.  It feels amazing to have a linen shelf full of fresh, matching towels AND bath towels that are the softest I have ever used!  Happy cleaning out!  XOXO

Tracy MooreComment