Foodie Friday

     I was hoping to get this post up Friday, but this was a crazy, busy weekend!  I want to try to share with you a new restaurant each week!  The majority will be in Chattanooga, but we have SO MANY favorites at all the places we travel as well!  In fact, we're taking Caroline to New York very soon and can't wait to eat at one of our absolute favorite New York places (coming soon on Foodie Friday)!  We LOVE to eat and love the process of eating out!  I love putting on a cute outfit and having good conversation over good food, whether it is a casual daytime lunch date or a fun night out!  We almost always take our kids, so they have learned an appreciation for eating out and ordering their own food to enjoy around the table.
     A longtime favorite of ours has been Vine Street Market, located in the heart of Riverview which is situated in North Chattanooga.  The owners are beyond gracious people and go out of their way to make sure you have everything you need.  Our family of four are creatures of habit.  We order the same thing every time we go, so when we call in a to-go order, they know exactly who is calling and it is perfect every time.  We do a lot of take out from Vine Street, but we also like to take the golf cart and eat there if Matthew gets home in time (they close at 6:00).  I first discovered Vine Street as a lunch hot spot and would meet girlfriends there.  If you go between 11:30 and 1:30, it is packed.  Everyone goes for the delicious deli style lunches, but hardly anyone walks away without a decadent cookie or piece of cake.  They also have an extensive casserole menu where you can pick up a pan hot or pick it up as a "take and bake."  These are fabulous for families with newborns, new neighbors, etc.  Ok, here is what we usually order as a family, whether it is a week night or Saturday lunch order.....

1.  Tracy:  Spinach Salad (not on the menu but always a special and has yummy avocado) - with honey mustard (my favorite dressing and as one friend once said, she could drink the honey mustard from Vine Street, it is so good)!
2.  Caroline:  Turkey and Colby Cheese Sandwich on sourdough with ranch dressing and BBQ chips
3.  Sarah:  Grilled Cheese sandwich and fruit
4.  Matthew:  "The Matthew Wrap"  or could be called a "BLT wrap."  Matthew created his own wrap, also not on the menu.  When I call for a take out order, I usually just ask if they can make what Matthew usually orders.  He loves a wrap with bacon, lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese, and parmesan peppercorn.  He also loves the Zapps BBQ chips to go with it!
We all LOVE the cookies from Vine Street!
These are the plates I use for a lot of our take out because we often transfer the food to a plate and eat on our porch together.  The plates were an artist collaboration with an artist I LOVE, so the plates make me happy and are perfect for our family meals at home.  The flatform shoes I am wearing are amazing.  They add so much height to me, which I NEED, but are also super comfortable.  This is the perfect lunch dress to wear during the fall (next time I'll make sure it is ironed a little better..haha!) and my hair accessory for a cute ponytail can be found here.

Sarah is wearing this top and these cute bloomers, which is also were I ordered the matching coral bow.  I found her adorable shoes and socks at The Sandbox Boutique in Chattanooga (423-756-7655).  They have a wonderful selection of children's shoes, both traditional and trendy, and I know they will ship.
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