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     Ok, so I am done with Christmas shopping except one special family member....our golden retriever, Lilly!  I ordered a few of these items today and wanted to share with you because if you are like me, Lilly is always the last to be checked off the list!  

1.   We recently had Lilly's hair cut short to keep down on the shedding in the house, but now I feel bad on cold walks, so I ordered her this pretty dog sweater.  I think it will look great with her color! :)
2.  I love the look of this rope toy and since her toys end up around the house, I want them to be stylish!
3.  We decided these socks are another great way to keep dirt off the rugs in the house, but have Lilly with us all the time and I love these neutral ones.  Luckily, they are inexpensive because it is yet to be seen if Lilly will keep these on.
4.  In our house, we love our dog, but hate all the dirt she tracks in, so I ordered these boots for her to wear outside and then she can take them off at the door!  (My dad is going to die when he sees me put these on Lilly)!!
5.  I love all of The Laundress products, so I decided to try the ones geared for dogs.
6.  Lilly smells a little funny after a walk in the rain, so we ordered her a rain jacket to wear on walks for rainy days.  This polkadot one is a great price and super stylish.  
7.  This bowl is adorable.  I'm tired of seeing her boring silver bowl in the kitchen, so I thought this will be a cute new look and it has a cute message on the inside of the bowl!
8.  I love this shade of pink and the leather is great.
9.  This shade of green is gorgeous and is definitely a brand that will last a really long time.  I may have to add this to Lilly's collar collection!

We love all of these picks for your furry friend.  Only a little over a week until Christmas and I could not be more excited!  Happy last minute shopping!  XOXO

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