Great Brain Building Toys


I have always believed in the power of play for children. Some of you may not realize, but my degree from Furman is in Elementary Education and I went onto receive my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Development. Although I pursed Interior Design three years after graduate school, my first passion will always be in children and the nurture piece of the puzzle in helping children develop to their fullest potential.

PLAY! Playtime is something our children do not get enough of in this day and time. I know in the past I have been guilty of getting into the feeding frenzy of if one child is signed up for an activity, then I must sign up my child. Well, guess what - the most important thing we can give our children (In my opinion) is time to play and develop their brains in unstructured time. Studies support that play not only builds a child’s self confidence, but also aids in problem solving skills and creativity. I love scheduling playtime for the girls as if I am scheduling an after school activity or sport.

We try to play outside whenever possible, but sometimes here lately it has just been too hot! Today I rounded up Sarah (and Caroline’s) favorite toys for indoors that support sparking their imaginations, making them smarter and in turn naturally building their self-confidence!


pink silk top / flare jeans / Sarah’s cotton dress

(Thanks to Caryn Lawn for sending me this classic, pink silk top.)

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