Little Girl Gift Guide

     Hi!!  Take a look at what the girls and I think are some of the hottest gift items for 2018!  The girls have just a few of these items and already LOVE them, OR they are high on the Santa wish list!!  Either way, I hope this helps for the special girls you're shopping for this magical season!

1.  This ice cream truck is even cuter in person, if that is possible.  This is on Sarah's wish list, but I see both girls playing with this cute item A LOT!
2.  The girls love jewelry and I love gold bangles, so this little girl gold bangle seems perfect for both of the girls!  
3.  How cute is this rose gold wireless microphone and the price is even better!
4.  Both of the girls have these sunglasses and love them, so I put them on the guide because I'm pretty sure any child on your list would love unwrapping these shades!
5.  Some of our sweet friends gave Caroline a charm bracelet for her first birthday and she absolutely loves adding a charm from all of our travels and even the sports she plays, SO naturally Sarah wants to start her own charm bracelet.  I love that the girls will have a bracelet full of meaningful charms one day because I always love pulling mine out!  This one is a great starter charm bracelet.
6.  Both of the girls love to cook and I think this apron set makes the perfect gift!
7.  How cute is this clutch?!?  I think Caroline will just LOVE it!!
8.  The girls just got these adorable beach towels in the mail from their "third gramma" and they both just loved them!  They are probably the softest beach towels I have ever felt and make a perfect gift!
9.  Sarah wants (another) jewelry box and I love the classic ballerina style.
10.  Who else did Shrinky Dinks as a kid and loved them as much as me?  The girls and I did the holiday edition Shrinky Dinks last weekend and they already cannot wait to do more!  There are so many sets to choose from, but this fantasy forrest one looks really interesting and fun.  I love this craft because it does not get too messy and the girls love watching the oven with the light on as their artwork shrinks!
11.  Lastly, we have this pink car and I just had to add it to the gift guide.  It not only looks so cute in Caroline's room, but the girls both love playing with it.  Plus, it is not as expensive as it looks!  It definitely makes a perfect gift for a special little girl!

As you can tell here lately, I love making shopping collages.  I love scouring the internet to bring you all the things the girls and I are loving at the moment!  The best way to shop the collage is click on the highlighted words in my numbered descriptions.  I always want to make it as easy as possible to shop from my page and as always feel free to comment with questions or you can e-mail us at  Hope you all are having an amazing holiday season and thanks for following along and reading our page!  XOXO
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