Motherhood Monday: Katey Hellman

Good Monday Morning!  Today I am bringing you a special interview with the cutest blogger I have been following for years now, Katey McFarlan Hellman!  I love watching how passionate Katey is about her blog, Chronicles of Frivolity, and especially her family!  Katey and her husband have one precious daughter, Maxi, and you can tell Maxi has Katey's zest for life!  When I read posts by Katey, she makes me feel like we're great friends and I can sense how she does everything with excitement!  Katey was beyond sweet to take time out of her super busy schedule to answer a few questions for Little C and Lou Lou readers.  I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

ME:  How did you decide you wanted to be a blogger?

KATEY:  When I was in middle school I got sick with Discoidal Lupus, but it took a few years and countless Rheumatologists to get diagnosed.  While we were searching for answers, I would go online to try to find products to help my skin.  Blogs were a bit more popular in the UK, so I would read them and learn as much as I could about skincare - anything to help me until I could get a diagnosis.  Once I was treated and went into remission, I knew that I wanted to help women that were searching for answers online like I was.  I studied PR in college, worked for an agency that specialized in lifestyle products, like with blogging, and began from there.  I'd work at the PR firm during the day and on my blog at night.  It was such a fun season of life.

ME:  Have you always lived in Texas?

KATEY:  I have!  I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas.  My husband tried to convince me to move to Chicago for a bit, but we are planted here and don't foresee ourselves ever leaving.  We are so blessed to have our families here and we really want Maxi to grow up within a 30-minute drive from either set of grandparents.  We live 10 minutes from her great grandma and I think that is such a gift we can give to her.

ME:  I know you were a blogger before having Maxi.  How and when do you fit in writing, blog pictures, etc. now you are a mom?  Can she generally work alongside you?

KATEY:  I live and breathe by time blocking.  To help my day get on track, I like to get up at 5:00 on weekdays and will get in a solid 2 hours of work before she wakes up.  I spend that time answering reader e-mails and corresponding with my manager and brands.  I feel too spread thin when I multitask, so when she is awake I don't touch work until she goes down for a nap.  She takes a good 2 hour nap in the afternoon and that is when I'll work on writing my next day's post.  Then, when she goes down at 7 pm, I'll work until about 10 or 11 or when my husband gets home from work.  She goes to Mother's Day Out at church two days a week and that is when I shoot for the blog or have meetings.  But as she has gotten older she adores shooting for the blog.  She has been around my photographers every week of her life since she was born, so when they come over she wants to be in all the photos!  It's so funny because I would say about 90% of the shoots she is in, I never intended for her to be in, she just like it!  She'll pick my bracelets for my outfit and pick her dresses.  I'm so grateful to do something she can be a part of and I can't wait to show her these photos one day.

ME:  What are your favorite things to do, outside of being with family and blogging?

KATEY:  I love to sneak in a Pilates class whenever my sister can watch Maxi.  I could also aimlessly browse an antique store for hours.  If I were not a blogger, I think I'd enjoy working in interior design, so I spend "me time" designing fake rooms on Adobe!  Is that a sign I should get out more?!? Ha!!

ME:  Do you have a personal motto or favorite saying?

KATEY:  Each time I was studying growing up, my dad would come in my room and say, "Just remember, to succeed, you don't need to be the smartest, you just have to work the hardest."  That always stuck with me and I think it's why I really enjoy working for myself.  Blogging has so many brilliantly creative individuals, that it is really easy to think, "Wow!  I could never do that as well as them."  But I just remember that I find the joy in working hard.  When I've worked on a skincare blog post for weeks, really testing and studying the product, I find such great joy in producing that post.

ME:  Lastly, Favorite Designer?  Favorite place to shop?  Favorite travel destination?  Favorite restaurant?

KATEY:  Ooh!  That's a hard one!  I would say Alice and Olivia or Rebecca Taylor for clothing - I love the fit!  I think Chloe makes the best flats for moms and Gucci makes practical handbags that still look like a work of art.  I mostly shop online, but if I have an hour to shop, I want to go to a boutique.  There's something so charming about a shop owner really knowing you and having a heart-warming conversation while you shop.  Hale House is a really fun one I pop in weekly {they have the most unique pieces} and then You Are Here is a designer boutique where I love to splurge.  Both of these boutiques have phenomenal customer service.  They will play with my daughter while I shop!  What mom does not appreciate that?  My favorite travel destination is Scottsdale for the weekend with my husband - it's our place!  My favorite restaurant is Piatello Italian Kitchen - you must get the carrots!

     Ok, so now you all can see why I love following Chronicles of Frivolity.  She is not only super stylish and smart, she is genuine and a great mom!  Go follow this cute won't regret your daily dose of this cute Texas girl!  XOXO