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I have missed posting in a while!  I think life is certainly settling down.  Last week, we closed on our house in Dalton (Rocky Face to be exact), it finally sold!  I have to say, it was not without heartache and excitement all at the same time.  We had lived in Dalton since the day we got home from our honeymoon.  The house we sold was where we moved when Caroline just turned one.  We loved our old neighborhood, but made the decision to move to get our girls off the road so much.  Caroline has been in school in Chattanooga since Pre-K.  Anyway, we sold it to an adorable family, an absolute perfect fit for the neighborhood we are leaving.  We are settled in Chattanooga now, and have been since January; however, we were trying to keep up two houses, so we finally feel like we can get back to normal with normal family time and not always checking on our other house.  Ok, so that is my life update, and explains where I have been for those of you who have messaged me.  In other news, I'm excited to say I just got a new IMac Pro and I am so excited!  I think it is going to make blogging SO much easier and easier to blog on the go too!

In the next few days, I want to share pictures from Parrot Cay.  I finally finished editing them.  I also have plenty more to share.  We are in Kiawah this week and I am so excited to be in South Carolina with both of our girls!  Since Matthew and I met at Furman, South Carolina will always give us that feeling of home!  I even saw a friend from Furman yesterday, who is here with her husband and kids!

I'll finish up with a new artist I learned about this morning while running in the fitness center and reading the Kiawah magazine.  I CANNOT wait to figure out how to get a piece of her art.  Her name is Teil Henley.  She is originally from Columbus, Georgia, but now lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her PGA golfer husband, Russell Henley.  She works in series and so far, she has created "flowing dresses," "animals," "beach babes," "pool scenes," and more.  I picked a few of my favorites below.  See what you think!  XOXO  (All pictures were found at

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