Style Files: Bloomies Sale

I fell in love with Bloomingdale's the first time I ever went to New York.  Then, when I was living in Atlanta after college, Bloomingdale's opened for the first time in Atlanta.  I know I was there more than some of the part timers that worked for Bloomingdale's!!  They have a great selection of designer brands, but I also happen to luck up pretty often when I order the store brand, Aqua.  I rounded up some of my favorite pieces that are on sale right now for their Fashionable Fundraiser and most of these items are perfect for transitioning into fall.  See what you think!  XOXO

1.  Black skirt
2.  White silk tank
3.  Cashmere cardigan
4.  Black shirt dress
5.  Red and white dress
6.  Blue chambray dress
7.  Skinny Jeans
8.  Gingham shoes
9.  Leopard slip ons
10.  White trimmed with navy top
11.  Gold earrings
12.  White tie front top
13.  Embroidered Skirt
That is all for now.  With Sarah's birthday party this Friday and this being the first full week of school, I won't be blogging much more this week, but I am bringing lots of fun new things next week, including cooking with Caroline!!  Happy Wednesday!

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