Summer Overnight Camp with Walmart

I have to say, I’m pretty nervous (or shall I say sad) about sending Caroline to overnight camp. I always try to fit so much into summer as a family, and I really don’t want to give up two WHOLE weeks with my sweet girl. Plus, I cannot stand the idea of not being able to talk to her for two weeks!! However, she is beyond excited! I mean, it really is hard sometimes to let our children do what we know they will love, but I think as parents that is what we do….give our children the best experiences we can, right?! What an amazing time in her life to be able to go off, spend two weeks on an adventure making new friends from all over and getting to do new activities everyday! She almost went last year then decided she really did not want to go, and Matthew and I were not going to push her….but I think she regretted not going last year and starting talking at the end of 2018 summer about wanting to go this year. So, here we are and camp is only a few weeks away! I’m (sort of) really excited for her!

As you know, I’ve been working with Walmart and love how they are stepping up their selection of things for the whole family in their stores and online. With that said, Walmart seemed like the perfect option to take care of a lot of Caroline’s camp needs, all at great prices. See what you think about our picks below!


1. Big pack of cute undies 2. Sturdy little clip on fans 3. Stylish waterproof shoes 4. Spunky set of sheets, good selections since they need two sets. 5. Big pack of washcloths. 6. Bath towels, easy to monogram. 7. Athletic shoes, Caroline is suppose to take two pairs so this is a good back-up. 8. Waterproof camera. 9. Trunk on wheels. 10. Fluffy husband pillow to write all those letters home. 11. Reliable flashlight. 12. Terry coverup. 13. One piece swimsuit. 14. Pool and lake shoes. 15. Journal to send where I plan to write a little sentence for her to read from me each morning. 16. Bath robe, again - easy to monogram this one. 17. Cute tank for daily wear….Walmart has a big selection since they need to take so many. 18. Large pack of socks - I wanted these to be cheap because after sitting in a laundry bag for over a week - they may have to be thrown away!! 19. and 20. Super stylish beach towels for the lake and pool. 21. Wet brush to get all the tangles out. 22. Fun, lightweight pajamas. 23. Cutest athletic skort and they have a big selection of cute shorts too. Also, not pictured are a good water bottle and shower caddy!

A big thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post. Caroline and I were the ones selecting the items featured in this post for camp options. Affiliate links are used.