Swimsuits for Moms

One of my favorite photos by the talented Slim Aarons, "Pool on Amalfi Coast"

     I love having a collection of swimsuits for the summer.  Just like most of us have a collection of sundresses, having fabulous swimsuits to choose from can make or break how you feel poolside.  I always dream of feeling like I've stepped out of a Slim Aarons photograph, I mean who doesn't want to feel that glamorous in the summer?  With little ones, it's important to have bathing suits that stay put, hold up all summer, AND are super cute.  Last year I had an adorable white, inexpensive one from an fashion forward store, all to find out it was a little see through when I got out of the water.  It was a weekday at the pool, so not too embarrassing with girlfriends and little kiddos and honestly not sure anyone noticed, but still - I've been way more careful this year!  Most of the ones below I have already tried out for you.
     The Marysia swimsuits on the top left of the collage below are amazing!  I know you've heard of them by now, but I started ordering Marysia swimwear about four years ago when I first read about the designer in an issue of Coastal Living.  I fell in love with the signature scalloped detail, but now I am in love with the quality of her brand and the Italian fabrics.  As for the couple of one pieces featured below, these seem to have that subtle sexy vibe, but I can honestly say are so easy to wear for handstand contests or any kind of playing around in the pool.  Lastly, I'm a huge fan of having a few strapless options because of tan lines.  Yes, I wear sunscreen, but I love sunkissed skin too and don't want tan lines for all those cute sundresses.  Oh, and anyone my age who has shopped for bathing suits that are still cute, knows finding full booty coverage is not easy! :)
     My favorite coverups will be posted soon, but I wanted to show my two favorite wraps I've added to my collection this year and my two favorite poolside shoes I have been wearing.  See what you think and please message me with questions!  
Shop all the swimwear below.  Plus, check out @indiaamory for adorable pareos, like the lavender one above. (They can't be linked, but it is worth checking out her Instagram).