T-Shirt Obsessed

     I have always had a certain clothing item I'm trying to find the perfect version of....for instance, in college it was khaki shorts!  I think my roommate and I had 20 pairs of khaki shorts (each) all in search of the perfect pair!  (Remember getting excited about the latest J. Crew catalog?!?). Then, it was designer jeans, which really were not a thing until I was right out of college, but we all were in search of the perfect pair when I was living in Atlanta (and still are in a lot of ways)!  There have been a lot of things since those days and social media has changed the way we look at a lot of trends, but one thing I have found myself obsessed with lately happens to be t-shirts.  I love searching for basic ones, but also love finding ones with flare!  As a mom, you want to be comfortable running from place to place with kids and running errands, so the perfect tee is the answer!  They look great with jeans and cut-offs, or with maxi or mini skirts!  Any which way, I'm having a moment with finding the perfect t-shirt!  Below, I have rounded up the ones I love.  I lived in this one this summer, and currently have 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7 on rotation!  See what you think and let me know what you are obsessed with at the moment!  XOXO

1.  The little shoulder pleats make this one super flattering and easy to pair with anything.
2.  I love the ruffle pocket on this one and always wear it with cute jeans or cut-offs.
3.  This one is high on my wish list!  Picture this cute tee tucked into a cute pair of high-waisted pants for fall.
4.  I think this is so cute, especially with these cut-offs I live in at home!
5.  Who else is loving the knotted tee trend?  I know I am!!  My friend and I bought this one in a few different colors last weekend.  it really has a great fit and you can't see through it like most simple tees.
6.  This is the perfect basic tee!  Again, you can't see though it!
7.  I wore this one with red shorts last weekend and got so many compliments.  Not to mention, this one is super soft!
8.  I love the ruffles down the front of this white one.
9.  Can these sleeves be any cuter!?!  I think I need this one too!
Number 5 in action ...  stickers by Sarah not included! 
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