Top Ten Favorites

I love telling people EVERYTHING I am excited about and so do my girls!  Today I want to share my 10 top favorite things on my mind.  Caroline will share 5 and Sarah two!  Here it goes. . .

10 from Me

1.  I love J. Crew earrings!  I love that they are almost always on sale and you can find interesting pairs to always make a statement with any outfit!  Here are the earrings I wore last week.  Plus, I just bought these yesterday and wore them today....everyone loved them (you can thank me later)!  These earrings are shown in the picture.

2.  I am loving The Loveliest Company.  I have always loved linens (I have a huge box of my Gramma's linens she used on her dining room table) and I sure do love a beautiful monogram.  This is a company owned by a mother-daughter team out of Texas.  You need to check it out!  They have the most beautiful monogram dinner napkins.  I ordered a set of four in lavender and tangerine as a summer look on my breakfast table.  I can't wait until they arrive!

3.  Caroline has a friend to spend the night, so we bought popcorn, cookies to bake and crafts to make!  I love it when she has friends over.  We're planning to watch Parent Trap and I might be more excited than these two precious eight year olds.  I loved that movie as a child!  Oh, and they want me to take them to CVS to buy a mini spray bottle and rubber bands to play hair salon with their American Girls.

4.  Sarah is finally potty trained and I am so excited!  She is so proud of herself too!  Is there anything cuter than a little tot climbing onto the potty the first couple of times?!?

5.  Caroline helped me organize the playroom, which was desperately needed.  I moved our two sofas up to our front room because they really need to be recovered.  We are finishing our family room and needed more seating in there, but the real reason I found a place to move the sofas happens to be because I found this sofa and wanted to figure out a place to use it.  I love mid-century modern style.  I would decorate a whole house in mid-century modern if I could, but Matthew and I have too many wonderful family pieces we want to use, so mid-century modern is out of the question.  Who says I can't do that in the playroom though?  I'm planning to balance it out with an amazing antique piece my parents gave us years ago where we have two lamps and the tv resting, but I have to say I cannot wait until this sofa comes in.  Oh, and I usually am not a leather sofa kind of girl.  In fact, I have told plenty of clients, "NO" to leather, but that is the funny thing about design, when something calls your name, you know it is right for your house and you have to find a place for it.  I'm planning to balance out the leather with something like pink seersucker.

6.  On a different note, LOVE this quote:  "To the world you are a MOTHER, but to your family you are the WORLD." (  I feel this way about my mom and I sure hope my girls feel the same!

7.  Kate Middleton's new haircut is adorable!  You can check it out here.  She showed off her new haircut at Wimbledon and I love it.    Hair is one thing I always notice, maybe because I am not very good with my own and have had the exact same haircut all my life.  Anyway, I love her new do!

8.  I am about to use this fabric for a sweet little girls room in North Carolina and I cannot wait to see how it turns out!  We decided to paint the ceiling a light turquoise.  How spunky will that be??

9.  The girls and I love to choose a time at the beach to play "nail salon."  We did the last day this past week.  Before we left, I found a non-toxic nail polish to use on the girls and loved it.  I did not worry a bit knowing Sarah was going to stick her fingers and toes in her mouth an hour after I painted them.  Try it out!  The girls and I liked it!  (side note - great for kids, did not last long on me)

10.  Lastly, tomorrow Matthew and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary.  Lucky 13 for us and I love him more today than the day we got married!  Wow, we were headed to St. Barth's for our honeymoon on July 4th, 2004!  Time flies, so might as well enjoy every minute!  XOXO

5 from Little C

1.  Sunuva is a swimsuit brand I learned about from the Parrot Cay gift shop.  I built a shopping bag online, but we have not ordered anything yet.

2.  My mom just let me pick out this pouch from J. Crew at Warehouse Row.  I am saving my money to take to the beach in a few weeks so I can shop in the hotel gift shop.  I will save it in the watermelon.

3.  I have dance camp next week and am really excited.

4.  My mom just ordered these for the playroom.  One for me and one for Sarah!

5.  I am so excited I taught Sarah to play Go Fish on vacation.  She kept saying, "I told ya I was going to make a match."  We all thought it was hilarious.

Hope you are enjoying this blog my mom and I started.

2 from Sarah

1.  Right now, her favorite snack is apples.  She had about 3 a day in Parrot Cay!

2.  Sarah's favorite book right now is