Travel Diaries: Beaver Creek, Colorado

     As a lot of you are planning ski trips for 2019,  I want to share where we go as a family.  Matthew and I went to various ski resorts growing up and in college, but before taking Caroline on her first trip we researched to find a place we could go year after year.  We wanted a place with a wonderful ski school for the girl's to learn and fun ski village at night.  This past winter marked the fourth year our little family has traveled to Beaver Creek for a ski holiday.  We love Beaver Creek and have a trip planned to go back in February!

Our favorite place to stay is the Park Hyatt.  For the first couple of years, we stayed in one of the hotel rooms.  Last year, we did a condo at The Ritz in Bachelor Gulch and that was wonderful.  This year, we decided to stay in a condo at The Park Hyatt.  They have all been fabulous options, but the condo at The Park Hyatt was our favorite and the most convenient for the Beaver Creek Ski School, a must in our life right now.

Sarah's first day of ski school
Caroline's first day, waiting to meet her instructor at The Buckaroo Express
I love skiing with my sweet is like a day date everyday!
The kids look forward to snowball fights and building snowmen after the last run of the day.
Love skiing with this sweet girl.  This was her first trip to earn poles, and boy was she excited!  And as I look back, I have no idea why my pants are so high-waisted!!
We love the playground at the bottom of the slopes and back door of the Hyatt.
Spruce Saddle Lodge is our favorite restaurant stop on the mountain!  We linked up with Caroline and her friends most days to eat lunch with the girls and their instructor.  We picked up Sarah from ski school one day to eat lunch with us on the mountain.  We enjoy the small scale of Beaver Creek, which makes it easy for families to link up during the day no matter the ski level.
This is how I feel after a full day of skiing too!
Caroline's first day with poles - woohoo!
No make-up allowed on the slopes....just kidding, I just prefer it that way!

Favorite Restaurants

8100 Mountainside Bar & Grill
(Located at The Park Hyatt, kid friendly)

(Located in the village, need a reservation, kid friendly - one of the girl's favorites, s'mores are out the back door of the restaurant)

Blue Moose Pizza
(No reservation needed, can be a long wait, located next to ice skating rink in the village)

Zach's Cabin
(Reservation required, on the mountain, fun experience for the kids to ride on the snow cat to the restaurant, leaves from The Ritz in Bachelor Gulch)

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