Travel Diaries: Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos

     People ask us all the time, what do your kids do on Parrot Cay?  It is simple, not much!  It really is one week we look forward to every year!  We love all sorts of travel, but this trip is especially important for us because we don't use iPads, watch TV, or have any of the day to day distractions.  This private island is such a special little gem without cars and so small it can only be reached by boat.  We love the simplicity of it all for a week.  You can read about our trip from last year here and check out our recent trip below.

We celebrated the Fourth of July on the island in our red, white, and blue!  (Not sure why Sarah looks so thrilled in the top pic so I added the next one)!!  Caroline's cute stripe dress is from Zara and is on major sale!
In the after breakfast pic below on the terrace, I'm wearing one of my favorite coverups of the season.  I love how feminine and frilly the details are and I never get tired of white!  You can find it here or linked below.  Caroline's is Cat and Jack from Target and Sarah's is from Zara.
The girls love to collect shells and paint them on our patio in the mornings.  By the end of the week, I think every employee on the island had a shell painted by the girls.  It really is the simple things that reset the soul!
We love the Coconut Tree Farms!  Sadly we could not find our signs from the years past because so many of them were lost in dreadful Hurricane Irma.  They told us a lot of the signs washed into a big pile and they salvaged what they could, but many of them were destroyed and lost completely.  We adopted a new one this year.  You can see our previous post on the coconut tree farms here.  Max, on the right, has helped us a few years in a row now!
There is something so special about playing in the sand all day and then cleaning up at night with sun kissed skin and refreshed bodies from being outside all day.  I love having family pics like the one below.
Old Maid and Go Fish are musts before dinner.
This year we opted to stay in one of the renovated suites with gorgeous views of the ocean and the resort gardens.  The suite has two rooms complete with two bathrooms and a porch that spans the two rooms.  I loved how much time we spent on the balcony, reading and playing games overlooking the beautiful Turks water!  The suites look amazing in all shades of white and white marble in the bathrooms.  With the girls having their own room, sweet Caroline read to Sarah every night until Sarah fell asleep and then Caroline would come talk to us until it was time for her to go to bed.  A lot of laughing went on in these rooms this year!
The girls look forward to doing a treasure hunt each year.  This year it was skittles....and it took longer than it should have!  I hid the skittles then we started playing in the ocean and I forgot where I marked the spot!
I love the picture below ... Caroline just has grown up so much over the past year, but so glad she tells me I'll always be her best friend!  I'm so proud of the friendship and relationship we have.  (You can look at our first trip to Parrot Cay with Caroline with the link and you can check out my favorite lion earrings here)!

Packing List for Parrot Cay

Breezy dresses
Cute coverups 
Stylish swimwear (Since I'm in the water all day, I usually just throw on a pareo for lunch.  I'm in love with all of the ones by India Amory.  I have this one in lavender because it reminds me of my favorite B&F fabric Les Touches).
Flat shoes (you walk all over the resort on rock like the picture above and no one wears wedges or heels). My favorites this trip were these, these, and these.
Minimal jewelry
Clutch (for crayons, card games, and lipstick)
Beach Bag
Sunhats (I wore this one and I love this one too).
Something comfy for the travel day since you go on a golf cart, boat, van, then plane)

Watercolor sets
Lots of paper and crayons
Lots of sunscreen

Packing is simple for Parrot Cay, but keep in mind there are not any stores on the island, so anything you need you need to take!  Feel free to e-mail me any questions.  I know I've received some messages from a few of you wanting to plan a trip and I am happy to talk more on traveling to this special place.