Travel Diaries: Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos

Our trip to Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos was our best yet!  If you have never been to Turks and Caicos, the water is some of the most beautiful in the world, but not only is the water gorgeous, it is calm and shallow, making it an amazing beach to take young children.  The flight to the big island in Turks, Providenciales, is a quick non-stop flight from major airport cities and once you arrive, the Parrot Cay shuttle picks you up at the airport and then takes you to the marina.  From there, you take a boat to the island of Parrot Cay where a golf cart picks you up to go to the resort (no cars on Parrot Cay, which we LOVE).  Both the girls love the adventure of the travel day!  From a car, to airplane, to shuttle bus, to boat, to golf cart, it makes for quite an adventure.  Take a look at the pictures.  I hope you can sense how relaxing each minute on this island can be, which is saying a lot considering our trip was with a two year old!  Here are our highlights.  Enjoy!  XOXO

The sweet girls were in crewcuts dresses for our travel day.  You can't go wrong in Crewcuts; plus, I can always find matching things that always look beautiful in pictures.  I wore this for our travel day and was oh so comfy!
Here we're headed to our favorite restaurant, The Lotus (one of two on Parrot Cay).
Refreshing fruit is in the room at 3:00 everyday.  The girls always looks forward to this special treat!
Sweet Sarah ready for a beach day.
 We were about to head out on the Hobie Cat.  Here the girls are in Mini Boden.
 Parrot Cay has an indulgent breakfast every morning, known to be the best in the Caribbean.
 My babies and one of my favorite bathing suits by Marysia Swim.  Here the girls are in Kate Spade.
Taking in the gorgeous sunset in one of my favorite dresses of the summer by Tory Burch and some of my favorite J. Crew earrings.
 Each day we had a yummy lunch at The Lotus.  My favorite meal is off the Shambhala menu, the crudite and the Big Salad.  I want to go right now just to eat.  We eat at The Lotus for most meals for an entire week and I never get tired of the food.  It really is fabulous!
 We were walking to breakfast and probably discussing who won last nights GO FISH game or Old Maid.  It is always back to basics in Parrot Cay, which truly lets you recharge.
 The start of the annual treasure hunt... and YES, we just hide candy with some clues and the girls LOVE the hunt!  This years candy, Dean and Deluca gummy bears.  I think Matthew wanted to hunt too!
Two babies on vacation are better than one.  We always travel with quite a few toys!
Both girls have started to swim on their own in this pool, zero entry and perfect for kids!
Pic before dinner, and YES, I may be slightly obsessed with having us coordinate all the time.  My dress is by Ramy Brook.  The girls dresses and headbands are from The Sandbox Boutique in Chattanooga.  How amazing is this view?!  Oh, and my earrings are J. Crew!
 They walked out of our beach cottage straight to the beach in their Jacaranda nightgowns.
 I love all white in the summer and love sweet kisses.
 Nothing beats talking with my sweet girls, Mothers and Daughters and swimwear by Lolli for Target.
 How cute are these Target suits?  I could not believe how cute these were when I found them online.
So sad, time to leave for now...Boat ride home, in Lilly Pulitzer of course!  Until next time. . . . . .

I'm always happy to answer any questions on Parrot Cay.  As you can tell, we love it!  The entire staff is always so inviting and wonderful with the kids!   Every aspect of Parrot Cay is perfect!  Oh, one more thing, they are putting in a Kids Camp activity center, which should be ready by December of 2017.  Just when I thought this resort could not get any better....definitely one of our favorite destinations!