Wednesday Weekly Edit

 Happy Spring!  I don't know where you are, but it certainly does not feel like spring here.  It is FREEZING!  The crazy thing is, I am such a warm weather person, but it is not getting warmer for me anytime soon - we're going skiing for spring break!  I am beyond excited...there is nothing like travel experiences with your kids and super fun family friends, but fingers crossed when we get back it is warm and we'll all be able to wear our beautiful spring pieces!

     I love dressy clothes, always have!  I love a good pair of jeans and really love cute shorts, but dresses have always been my favorite thing to shop for, so it's no surprise I love shopping for Easter dresses.  When I was about Caroline's age, I entered a contest at Chocolate Soup in Atlanta (anyone remember that store at Phipps?!?) where I designed a dress for Easter and my dress won!  SO....clearly I've had a passion for dresses since I was elementary age, one of the many reasons I love constantly searching for dresses to list here on this blog.  Ok, so let's see what is out there.  I found lots of adorable options!

     Some of these dresses are total splurges, but I was shocked at the price of a few of them.  Five, for example, is a fabulous deal, and it even has a bow on the shoulder and comes in petites.  The lavender one at the top, which is the hot color of the season, is just a classic dress for a great price!  As you can tell, I'm a sucker for white dresses and number nine is a great deal, but I have number eight and it is worth every penny.  This LoveShackFancy dress is a perfect dress for Easter, but will also be a gorgeous swimsuit cover-up just by snapping the slip out.  As for number six and ten, I love a good classic floral!  I'm planning to wear number six, but that could always change!  Please, Please let me know your favorites....I absolutely love your feedback!  This past Saturday night, someone made my night by telling me how much she loves reading the posts here on the blog and the ideas on where to find things.  Writing and bringing you content is loads of fun for me (and Caroline when she has time) and we appreciate each and every one of our readers!!  XOXO
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