Wednesday Weekly Edit

     My goal is to post three times a week.  I'm getting closer, as it has been once a week at best, but this week I have managed to get two posts out, even if my Wednesday Weekly Edit is going out on Friday.  Easter is upon us and I wanted to share a few quick picks from when Sarah and I decorated the Easter tree.  We use the same light up twigs for all of our holiday trees (except Christmas, of course), but I love a good holiday tree....Halloween, Valentine, Easter, Fourth of name it and and you can find cute little ornaments.  The girls love decorating a tree for each holiday, and I just use the same French wine carrier with the same twigs for each holiday to make it easy.  Here are some of the Easter decorations I've added to our collection this year.  I love a mixture of what I can picture from Easter in my childhood home, or my Gramma and Grampa's house, along with new things the girls and I have added to the house.  I know these pics are just of Sarah and me, Caroline helped a little, but she was in school during our little picture session.  I look forward to summer when Caroline can be in ALL of our pictures.

     Ok, and now onto all of the online finds I have been eyeing this week or have ordered to add to my spring and summer wardrobe.  We're going skiing over spring break, but lately it seems like I am ordering in preparation for a warm holiday getaway.  Maybe I'll pack a few sundresses to wear around the hotel and to the spa!  Don't be surprised it you see me posting a picture of myself walking to the steam room in a banana leaf romper!!  I do love to ski and it will be Sarah's first time seeing real snow.  She has always stayed back with my parents when Caroline, Matthew and I have gone out west, but I cannot wait to see her sweet face when she sees the snow covered mountains for the first time.  Back to is what I have this week.  As you can see, I am attracted to a lot of the fruit inspired pieces.  Also, Anthropologie is having a sale this weekend and about half of the pieces below are on sale just for the weekend.  Be sure the check out the super soft pajamas below, I have them on right now and they are on sale only until Sunday night.

     One more thing, Matthew and I are loving a few tv shows right now.  I have to say I am so glad The Royals started back on E!.  We are (OR at least I) am obsessed!  Anyone else obsessed or watch it?  I LOVE all things about the royal family (another thing I get from my mom's mom)!  What could be better than watching Elizabeth Hurley as the queen?  It's a great show, but like most shows, I would advise starting with the first season.  We are also enjoying 9-1-1 with Connie Britton.  It is a show so captivating, I cannot shop online while watching it, which says a lot!  It really keeps you on your toes until it is over and sometimes at the end of the day, that can make for a perfect mental break before bed.  Any other suggestions?  I love hearing what people are watching!  Ok, happy Saturday....enjoy my Wednesday post 3 days late!  XOXO
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