What I Always Pack

     Fresh off winter break to Beaver Creek with the girls, then returning from a work trip with Matthew to California, it got me thinking I need to talk about what I always pack.  Ok, I use to love packing and honestly I still do, (One of my first blog posts was on my love of packing because it's all your favorite clothes pulled together and packed in one place) but let's be honest....it can be a real pain when you tend to be like me....a true overpacker!  Over the years, I've done a much better job of planning out each day and night and less "options" for everyday, but there are some items I always make sure I pack.  Here's the list I work off of and at the bottom, my list of key travel pieces for outfits.

A L W A Y S  I N  M Y  B A G
1.  Tennis Shoes - Every trip, no matter where I'm going, I always take my tennis shoes.  I love to run and exercise everyday, so my tennis shoes go with me on every trip.  I think sweating everyday is the key to staying young!  I've worn these shoes and keep replacing them since college!  
2.  Work-Out Clothes - I need at least one work-out outfit.  I usually take versatile layers, like these running leggings, this is my favorite sports bra, a simple tank and zip up light jacket....and I love a good running skort.
3.  Bedroom shoes - I love taking bedroom shoes to wear in hotel rooms, especially these comfy ones a sweet friend gave me a few years ago.
4.  Wrap - I always love taking a wrap that can double as a scarf.  The girls love using it as a blanket on the plane to snuggle, but I love using it to change up outfits.  This one is a splurge, but I love it (and it is on sale so I'm thinking I may order the aqua one)!
5.  Earrings - Everyone has that one accessory they love and for me it is earrings.  I always wear the same watch, bracelets, and rings because they are sentimental, but as for earrings....I like to have fun with those!  They're easy and small, but can really change an outfit!  This trip I've packed these, these, and these!
6.  Small bags - I like everything organized and in compartments.  I'm LOVING these truffle bags.  I like laying them out in the hotel room and seeing everything I need.  I need things organized in the suitcase in a way that makes it easy to unpack with little ones running around a hotel room, so I have quite a few broken into these 5 groups:
*Cords and Chargers in this one
*Bandaids, Neosporian, Children's Tylenol, thermometer, Benadryl in this one
*Face Creams in this one - I use this for day time, this for night time, my eye cream, my latissee, and sunscreen for the family.
*Make-Up in this one - I'm not a big make-up person.  Here is what I use (1) tinted moisturizer, (2) concealer, (3) bronzer and this brush, (4) pressed powder, (5) neutral eyeshadow, (6) mascara, and (7) lipstick
*Basic toiletries in this one - deodorant, hair spray, body lotion, face wash, razor, Matthew's razor cream, eyedrops
7.  Camera - Love my camera and always travel with a Nikon - we have since Caroline was born!
8.  Card games, colored pencils and two notebooks with plain paper for creativity - cuts down on the kids being in front of iPads while traveling.  We take the girls iPads, but they don't get to start a trip with them and hardly ever allow them at dinner.  What's the point of traveling if they're going to have their face in electronics!  Ok, so this Laguna Beach trip is just Matthew and me...so no I did not pack Go Fish, but if you have your kids...we love this brand of card games (this is usually why I carry a clutch to dinner on vacay)!
9.  Overnight duffle as a carry on and travel jewelry case along with a small clutch always go as a carry on for me.
10.  The girls are allowed to pack their small roller bags with whatever they want.  They always take a lovey to snuggle and sleep with, an American Girl, and who knows what else?!  Shopkins, Hatchimals, ....whatever they think is important to take on the trip in their sweet little minds.  The only thing is, they have to roll it!

1.  JEANS - Depending on the trip, I always have a great pair of jeans.  Spring and summer they're always white and I love a good pair of dark jeans to dress up or down.  This past trip, I packed these and these since I needed to pack layers for west coast weather and most of this trip is pretty causal except a few dinners.
2.  SILK TOP - I love a great silk top that can been worn with jeans and tennies or jeans and heels.
3.  Stylish TENNIS SHOES - I think we all can agree, you can't have fun if you're feet are hurting, so invest in some really cute shoes that are stylish and comfy.  If you are ready to splurge try these, if you think those are insane (and they are but I love mine) - try these!  Notice, I love a good platform on my comfy shoes - this girl has to get height on these shorts legs when I can!!!
4.  DRESSY SHOES - I prefer booties in the fall and winter (easier to pack than tall boots) that look great with jeans or dresses and skirts.  I love something like this in the spring and summer.
5.  Always a DRESS!  You know by now how much I love dresses and they can always be worn with cute tennis shoes or heels and a clutch.  I like a casual one like this and a dressy dress like this.
6.  Always a JUMPSUIT!  Ok, so these are great on vacation because they are a one stop shop where you always look put together and a little elastic at the waist sometimes doesn't hurt either!  I just ordered this cute one!
7.  SWEATER...depending on location determines the weight, but my parents just brought me this cute one to wear with jeans (I wore it on the plane home) and I love this one!  I'm ordering it in a few more colors!!
8.  WHITE T-SHIRT....love this one and this one.  I love a perfect white tee!
9.  SWIMSUIT - I always have a swimsuit packed.  The girls love an indoor pool and I never want to be caught trying to find a swimsuit to buy on vacation.  Swimwear is hard enough to find when you have tons of shops at your fingertips, so I definitely don't want to be searching in a pinch.  I have this one with me in Laguna.
10.  FLIP-FLOPS - Whether you're headed out to the pool or just booked a pedicure, flip flops are easy to pack and perfect for every trip, no matter the destination!

Ok, so this is the list I go off of for every trip.  Obviously, it varies and I usually pack more than I should, but this is always my starting point.  If you have everything on this list, you can mix and match ...and anything added to the bag is just extra!  Happy traveling!

S H O P   T H E   P O S T