You Asked, I Answered ...

A few weeks ago I did a pop up on instastories with “ask anything.” I’ve seen other bloggers do this and I think it is lots of fun and a great way to answer questions and connect. I picked a few of the questions to answer and thought I would do this every so often! So … here you go!

What is your absolute favorite place to travel?

Wow, this is a really hard one, as traveling is our favorite thing to do and we always love going to new places. We do love our special places too! I can’t pick just one, but I have three!

As for a big city, hands down ~ New York! We love everything about New York and it certainly helps that some of our best friends live there! I have so many special memories in New York, from a mother ~ daughter girl trip to shop for honeymoon clothes, to now mother ~ daughter trips with Caroline, to tons of family trips during every season. I can’t pick a favorite time to travel to New York because I love going at any time. One year when Caroline was three, we actually were the last flight out of Atlanta because of a blizzard about to hit NYC. We got there and were able to sled in Central Park the next day! Of course, the shopping is a draw, but shows, restaurants, museums, and just walking the city! Caroline and I have gotten so turned around in Central Park in the fall one time, it took us three hours to find our way out! We still laugh about that experience. It is our favorite big city … in fact, we’re taking the girls in a few weeks for fall break and we cannot wait!

Ok, as for a beach resort, we LOVE Sea Island and St. Simons! We like to describe Sea Island as “kid heaven.” The great thing is, it not only a dream for kids, but it is a perfect place for adults too. The traditions there run deep and you can certainly tell by how much pride the employees of Sea Island have in working there year to year. It is a beyond perfect place for families and we love everything about it! Of course, we love St. Simons too with all the great restaurant and shopping! This beach town along with Sea Island resort just make us happy and we have tons of memories in both places.

Lastly, London … I just adore everything about London! London close to Christmas is beyond magical (um, Harrod’s alone is worth planning a trip) and had a ball taking the girls for the first time two Thanksgivings ago. We took the girls to Christmas markets in Notting Hill and they still about going to Hyde Park for their famous Winter Wonderland. The history, the shopping, and the people. We love London!

What are your tips to traveling with kids? I know you took your girls to Australia last year.

I think before the flight to Australia with Sarah I prayed A LOT, I mean a lot! Our girls really have always been really good travelers, but I was worried about the sheer time we would be in the air. You never know with young children, but honestly I think the key is to take travel with them from an early age. Sarah was awesome going to Australia (Caroline too, but Sarah had just turned four at the time) and our flight on the way home pretty much took 24 hours with the short layover in LA. You know what though, Sarah talks about Australia a lot! I think the key is don’t wait to travel with your kids, the earlier they travel the better little travelers they’ll be! I also limit iPad time at home, so the girls get excited about IPad time when in the car or on a place (really more for Sarah). The last thing I have found works is to buy a few inexpensive, new things for both girls prior to a trip and pull them out during the travel time. For Sarah, is is usually a few new Usborne sticker books or a small pack of Shopkins (or something similar) and for Caroline, I usually pick up a new journal and fresh colored pencils, or something along those lines (she does not need it at this point, but I like to be fair). I always have a fresh box of crayons too … something about a fresh box that is way more fun than used crayons and these are great for dinners out once you get to where you are going. Those are my few little tips and if you have any more, feel free to add in the comments!

What are your favorite jeans for petite people?

Right now, I am loving this Frame pair and this pair by Seven. I seem to be reaching for my Sevens the most, but I also have my eye on this pair.

What are your favorite designers right now?

I am still loving Alexis, like this jumpsuit and this dress!! The details on Alexis pieces are always on point and wow me!

I am definitely having a moment with Rhode dresses! These are fun and give me that resort feel for year round! I actually have found a few on the Real Real too, which happens to be where I send all things I get tired of too!

I also love, love, love LoveShackFancy! LoveShackFancy is that perfect blend of all things I love….ruffles, florals and bows! Right now, I am eyeing this skirt (I do love a bubble skirt) and this gorgeous maxi dress! I just ordered this top to wear with jeans and have worn this dress a ton!

How did you and your husband meet?

We met my first week of undergrad, but did not date until later. He was one class above me at Furman. He was definitely a best friend then husband, but is still my best friend! I think it is why we understand and love each other so much!

What is the age difference between your girls?

Caroline and Sarah are 5 1/2 years apart. It was not really planned that way, just look us a long time to get pregnant with Sarah. I’ll never forget calling my mom on her birthday in December to tell her I was pregnant! I was worried about the age difference at first, but the girls truly are best friends. I’m not just saying that, in fact it is a little weird at times (they do argue a little), but they prefer to sleep together every night even though they both have their own bedroom and they really miss each other when they are at school! They have their own friends and separate playdates, parties, and such, but they really have the best time together! Matthew and I are really lucky because at the end of the day, I know they’ll always have each other.

Favorite night cream?

I have two…..when my skin gets use to one, I switch back to the other one. I know at my age I need to use a product with retinol, but honestly, my skin is so sensitive - I just can’t! I love this one, especially in the summer and I LOVE this one and use this mostly in the winter! These are both amazing for moisture and fine lines!

Thanks for sending me questions - this was so much fun and I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate you reading!