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Mother's Day Gift ideas

/one/ Basket /two/ chocolates /three/ earrings /four/ five/ keepsake book /six/ cooler /seven/ bow top /eight/ sandals /nine/ rattan purse /ten/ bamboo earrings /eleven/ patio umbrella /twelve/ shell earrings /thirteen/ garden stool /fourteen/ notepad /fifteen/ hand vase /sixteen/ sleep mask /seventeen/ bow sandals /eighteen/ champagne bucket /nineteen/ mother and child book /twenty/ stripe vase /twenty-one/ floral headband /twenty-two/ shell bookends /twenty-three/ t-shirt /twenty-four/ candle /twenty-five/ (our favorite - mother~daughter book

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Motherhood Monday: Blake Designs

Happy Monday! I'm so excited daylight savings was yesterday and the days are now getting longer!  The excitement of spring is in the air and the girls and I can play outside everyday after school until Matthew gets home (when they don't have activities) :))!  Everyone generally seems happier and friendlier everywhere we go and I just love it!

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