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Travel Diaries: Beverly Hills

If you follow along Instagram, you know Matthew and I just got back from California.  He had a work trip to Laguna Beach, so we went an extra day and spent two days and one night in Beverly Hills.  We LOVE taking our girls on all of our travels, but I have to say, traveling to LA with Matthew and being free to get out and explore and do whatever we wanted was heavenly, and knowing the girls were back home having a blast with my parents was a win, win for everyone!

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What I Always Pack

Fresh off winter break to Beaver Creek with the girls, then returning from a work trip with Matthew to California, it got me thinking I need to talk about what I always pack.  Ok, I use to love packing and honestly I still do, (One of my first blog posts was on my love of packing because it's all your favorite clothes pulled together and packed in one place) but let's be can be a real pain when you tend to be like me....a true overpacker!

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